Ofenbaur Residential Building in Schenna

Architectural Concept – Terraced Housing:

Given the ideal nature of the existing slope formation, the idea of a terraced residential complex was embraced. Terracing allows the building volumes to gently integrate into the natural terrain, following its current slope. This terracing offers a distinct advantage: all residential units feature spacious front terraces.

The residential units are designed not to directly adjoin neighboring units but are separated by atriums, creating an impression of independence. There are three different types of apartments, each composed of two, three, or four modules with a width of 3.5 meters.

Additionally, the building houses a small dining facility at the construction site’s end, directly adjacent to the residential complex but spatially distinct. The dining area is designed as a relatively small and compact unit, with service and serving areas inside and restroom facilities and seating. As the area is primarily used during transitional periods and summer months, emphasis is placed on designing the outdoor areas and terrace.

The residential floor plans follow the stratification of the terrain, meaning some units are oriented differently; this emphasizes the individual position of each apartment and avoids a monotonous appearance. This design approach ensures all residential units are seamlessly integrated into the site.

The project aims to treat the existing terrain and vegetation as delicately as possible and seeks an architectural concept that blends the construction volume into the landscape naturally. By staggering and offsetting the building volumes and integrating atriums, each apartment can be designed as an independent unit. The generous terraces facing the building and planting on the sides of each residential unit create privacy amidst nature.


All residential units feature a small atrium in front of the slope, providing access to individual apartments. The atrium also serves to provide natural light and ventilation to the rear areas of the building, enhancing the quality and spaciousness of all apartments.


Access to the residential complex is on foot through the west-facing entrance area on the 1st floor. The staircase is centrally located and connected to an elevator providing access to all floors. Each floor features ample circulation space, regularly interrupted and naturally illuminated by atriums.

Three themes are central: PLANTS – GLASS – MASONRY. Firstly, nature takes center stage, making a green space concept crucial. The entire south facade features glass elements, ensuring architecture complements and provides necessary space for nature to flourish.

Indoor-Outdoor Space:

During transitional seasons and summer, the terrace serves as a second living room. The area is framed by shrubs and hedges, creating a sense of being surrounded by greenery. Most facades are also planted with various climbing plants. Large glass surfaces create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. With open sliding windows, the boundary between inside and outside is blurred. Interior spaces are organized clearly, contrasting with the greenery of the terraced garden.