Village Inn Göflan, Facility

LocationGöflan, Gemeinde Schlanders
ClientMunicipality Schlanders
ServiceCompetition 1. Preis
Planning and execution
Statusfinished 2020
PartnerKuno Mayr, Claudia Kaufmann
PhotographySamuel Holzner

Dorfgasthaus Göflan

The old fire hall will be demolished, and a new village square with an inn, a covered terrace, a new footpath over the Etsch River, and an exhibition area on the topic of Göflan marble will be created. The square features a large grid that accommodates different functions and integrates them into a design concept. Thus, on the grid fields, you will find the bus shelter, the village fountain, parking and bike spaces, and plots for trees. Göflan marble is used as the material for the white grid strips, and porphyry paving for the fields.

The new volume takes on the dimensions of the existing building and its distinctive structural aspects, such as the double gable, the hose tower, and the 90° rotated gable of the adjoining building, with their silhouette re-emerging as a kind of memory of the original building. It will be placed on steel supports, and the gridded square will extend underneath it.